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Design is one of my services, but not the first of the steps we will take together as we develop your unique project. That is because with most projects, there is a lot more going on than creating a satisfying design solution.

The first step will be for us to meet. I will listen as you tell me what your needs and dreams are, what is important to you, and what limitations you may have. The research and analysis done during this initial phase will help you to establish what architects call a “program”. It is simply the decision-making process that defines the realistic scope of your project according to your goals.

Too often this step is overlooked. But the investment of time and energy into your program becomes a big benefit as our guide through all the remaining steps that lead to a happy conclusion.

So have a further look at the services available to you…



I will help you explore and understand what you have; what you want; what you need; and what’s possible for your project.


This is the creative process of producing a desirable solution to be built which solves or satisfies a need you have.

Construction Documents

I prepare drawings and specifications or other documents as necessary to submit for a permit from your local building authority.


When you are ready to have your project built, I can guide you through the process and prepare the documents you’ll need to help you find and select a contractor.


Support for you during the construction phase with administration of your construction contract – tailored to your specific needs.


Choose from a menu of specially targeted services to help you with any building project.