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Support for you during the construction phase with administration of your construction contract – tailored to your specific needs.

This phase can start with me responding to any inquiries from the local building authority about the design during their review process to obtain the necessary Permits.

As your contractor prepares to start his work with various product information and shop drawing Submittals, I will review those for conformance with the design prior to your acceptance.

Then as construction progresses, I visit your site periodically to conduct field Observations of the work to determine that it complies with the design intent.

I can also attend scheduled construction meetings to respond to inquiries and help resolve issues that may arise. My support includes consulting with you for making decisions about necessary or desired changes.

As your contractor submits applications for payment, I can review the Accounting documentation to ascertain if the request is appropriate to the work progress as observed.

Finally, as your project nears completion, I can prepare a “punch list” of items that still need attention and resolution for satisfaction of the contract documents.

…these services are among some of the best ways to help ensure a successful outcome – and your happy enjoyment of your project !